The taxi world is being renewed to meet your needs, providing tailor-made services and special rates. Whether you are a Private or a Company, you can easily find an answer to your city mobility needs or plan an out-of-town trip choosing the type of car that best suits your needs. Sedans, minivan cars, cars with large luggage, with five or six seats, eight-seater or small utility cars to move easily even in the alleys.


Taxi Plus


is a project of the Radiotaxi Genoa Cooperative which offers the guarantee of a certified service.
Federconsumatori shares the principles of transparency and quality of the Next Generation Taxi service and becomes available as a conciliator in the event of disputes, based on the agreement signed with the Cooperative.




For the spouses, on their wedding day, a white car to reach the church or the town hall. Book the cars to guarantee the transfer of guests from the place of the ceremony to the restaurant. Depending on the number of guests, it is possible to organize 8-seater, 6-seater and 5-seater shuttles.




The accompanying service for shared use or car pooling outside the main meeting places of Genoa and the Rivieras. At the end of a night at the disco with friends or a conference of work, the opportunity to find the assistance of our staff to organize the return home in complete safety on the white cars. The Taxi Service staff is easily recognizable by the yellow bib. Follow on our Social Networks the events of the city and entrusted to the guys of Taxi Service, sharing the race you will save on the rate!




Do not you have a car or working hours do not allow you to accompany your children to school or school at home? We can do it for you, in complete safety and with the utmost punctuality from every district of Genoa. Already today this service is widely used in all those areas where public transport is critical.




Plan your evening with friends without parking problems and a ... too much glass. Our service connects the main discos of the Riviere to the center of Genoa, round trip. Consult the areas, routes and fares in the dedicated section.